The Telegea Team participated in the “Maker Faire Rome” 2017 event with its own booth. We presented a Smart Home system based on the Telegea Smart Hub as controller hardware with an openHAB installation. This demo showed the potential use of the Smart Hub for a reliable and robust home automation project ready for a… Read More

The new SmartHub OS V3.2 is out and an SD card image is provided for easy installation. This release focuses mainly on usability and the smart thermostat application. As the Telegea platform is a complex system and highly configurable, it used to be rather time consuming to set it up for specific needs. Now the… Read More

The new revision R3B0 of the Telegea Smart Hub is now available. It features a number of improvements. Most importantly it can be powered by 24Vac through screw terminals now. Actually the input voltage can range from about 12V to 28V. Also a 4 channel analog/digital converter was added for connecting analog sensors. The USB… Read More

In a world of more and more connected devices, it is important to provide simple access to the devices data and functionality. This ensures that the device can easily be integrated into the network and can become part of the smart system we are building. The Telegea Smart Hub with its connected sensors and actuators… Read More

The Telegea Smart Hub has no on board relays mounted to reduce the hardware cost. For simple monitoring and data logging tasks,  relays are not needed and therefore would be wasted on the board. However, relays for controlling tasks can easily be added to the Telegea Smart Hub by connecting external relay cards, via the… Read More

An important European standard for remote facility management is the Meter bus (M-Bus) protocol. This protocol is mainly used for reading of gas or electricity meters. The Telegea developers have recently implemented the new M-Bus master software module which adds support for reading meters with this type of wired interface. It is based on the… Read More

The hardware development of the Telegea device has been continuing throughout the past months. Many tests were performed in the lab and in the field, feedback was collected. This resulted in a new revision of the PCB of which the first small production batch was manufactured. The major changes of the new revision are the… Read More

The new Telegea Smartbox hardware has successfully passed functional testing and is getting ready for a first production batch. Time to take a closer look at what the board offers in terms of interfaces and functionality. Here is a picture of the fully assembled board with all modules mounted. The brain of the board is… Read More

Telegea is constantly evolving and developers might be interested to know that two new functionalities have been added recently to the Telegea HTTP API. The new API functions expose functionality which is already available from the Web GUI to external clients, like smartphone apps or other smart devices. The first functionality which was added is… Read More