Thanks to its modular design, smart_thermostat_iconthe Telegea Smartbox can be used to run many different applications. One of the possible applications targeted at energy savings is the Smart  Thermostat. Development is ongoing and a first prototype was implemented. It is currently being tested in a number of pilot projects.


The following features are currently implemented:

  • Temperature control using up to 2 heat/cooling devices
  • Programmable weekly schedule
  • Manual and automatic temperature selection
  • Manual season mode selection
  • GUI on local or remote touch screen
  • Current weather info on touch screen
  • Android app prototype


As a first approach, an alphanumeric LCD screen was added to the Smartbox and a classical thermostat algorithm controls the fan coil in our lab.




As a next step, we replaced the enclosure with a nice looking box and put a touch screen inside. The mechanical dumb thermostat which was controlling the climate in our offices coffee room was substituted with this device. It’s been making us feel comfortable during our coffee breaks for some months now.




The Thermostat GUI which runs on the Smartbox touch screen can also be displayed remotely in a Web browser on any mobile device or on your PCs desktop. So controlling the Thermostat from anywhere is really easy.



Even though the current feature set make this thermostat much easier to use than a classical device, what’s still lacking is the smart part. This is what will be added next:

  • Auto learning of weekly schedule
  • Automatic season switch
  • Automatic fan speed control
  • Standby/away mode

Other “nice to have” features include the following:

  • Skinable user interface for touch screen
  • 3 day weather forecast on touch screen
  • Networkless operation
  • whatever else comes to our mind


5 comments on “Telegea smart thermostat prototype

  • Hello,  very interested in your raspberry pi based thermostat! I love what you have done so far and think the web interface is a very good looking GUI. I was looking to do something similar for a rather “dumb” but web enabled thermostat using the pi (not as interested in the learning capabilities, but rather the online access, GUI, and data logging). Will you be releasing your code? I know you had mentioned in a thread that you were deciding on the proper licensing to use before doing so, but would love to hear any updates! Very interested in the work youve done so far, looks excellent!

  • Yes, the code will definately be made public shortly. It’s been quite busy here lately so the license issues are still pending but should be resolved in a couple of weeks, if not earlier.

    The thermostat application is still a prototype but the basic functionalities are already stable. We have lots of ideas and hope to work on these together with the community. So stay tuned for updates. Thanks.

  • My daughter and I are interested in doing a project similar to this. I only have one question. is your source available yet?

  • Nice project.
    I want to build one for my home HVAC.
    Can you control CPH (cycles per hour), swing or differential?
    Can I purchase a kit from you?
    I’m really interested in learning the pi and code, plus the whole project.
    It looks great.

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