Although Telegea is primarily being developed for thermal energy control and monitoring, the platform can easily be adapted to other control and monitoring applications.

In this case, one of our customers asked for the possibility of long term monitoring of humidity changes inside walls of a building. So we configured the Smartbox for continuous humidity measurement using two combined temperature and humidity sensors. Since no control functionality is needed, the relay module is not mounted, which lowers the cost for each unit.

The real time data, measured by the Smartbox, and the historic data charts will be accessible to the user via the Telegea Web interface.

The first batch of ten units were assembled and delivered and will go online in the next days, when they start sending the measured data to the Telegea server.


2 comments on “Ten Smartboxes for humidity measurement application delivered

  • Not yet, but it is planned. We are thinking about a map with the geographical localtions of the plants which have the Smartbox installed and wish to share their data. It should be possible to share part or all of your data among other users, based on configurable permissions.

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