Technology motherboard closeup

The current Smartbox is made of “off the shelf” components which need to be assembled manually. While this is feasible for prototypes and small amount of units, it is surely not suitable for mass production. So in order to satisfy customer requests, we need to get ready to deploy Telegea on a large scale and take the next step to transform the Smartbox into a  product which can be made available in big quantities.

Therefore we have started developing a PCB for a new Smartbox which is tailored to the needs of Telegea. While it maintains the modular concept of the current device, it will come included with everything that’s necessary for the Telegea applications. Optional hardware modules will be easy to add or remove, according to specific needs. The focus during this development is also on easy installation and ergonomics.

The new Smartbox will be based on the RaspberryPi compute module and a custom PCB with the additional components like power supply, relays, sensor connectors and communication modules. The use of the RaspberryPi compute module ensures compatibility with the existing Software and will ease the transition to the new hardware.

The PCB will be compatible with commercial DIN rail enclosures. For the wall mounted unit (e.g. for the smart thermostat application), a custom enclosure still needs to be designed.

Here is a picture of an early 3D rendering of the PCB with its main components.



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