rpi-cm-devkitIn order to support the ongoing hardware development of the new PCB for the Telegea Smartbox, we started testing the software on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module. The new hardware is based on this module and we have to make sure everything is working the same as on the Raspberry Pi B which is the current device the Smartbox software runs on.

The current software is basically running “out of the box” on the new platform and very few adjustments are needed. This was expected as the Compute Module is compatible with the other Raspberry Pi credit card size boards.

But there will also be some new features like the XRF radio module to interface with wireless sensors or actuators and an integrated RS485 chip to connect devices via the ModbusRTU interface. These additions require both serial lines of the Compute Module to be used which is currently still somewhat challenging. But the RaspberryPi Kernel development is progressing every day and we were able to make all needed interfaces work eventually. And we’ve learned a lot about Linux Device Tree technology :-)

Some effort still needs to be spent to test the TFT touch screen which is used for the thermostat application and will be an optional module for the new hardware solution. Also a Real Time Clock (RTC) will be integrated and probably needs some Kernel driver work.

Below is a picture from our lab which shows the Compute Module development kit all wired up with the different type of sensors, relays, pulse counter and status inputs as well as the serial lines. Everything is running along nicely and the sensor data is arriving at the central server and the Web interface.



And this is the sensor page with the current readings from the sensors which are attached to the Compute Module development kit.


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