github_logoBased on open source technology, the Telegea software was designed from the start to be an open platform. Many open systems have proven to be ahead of their proprietary competitors and we are convinced that the open source development model is a better way of doing things. Most important of all, sharing knowledge is the key aspect that enables innovation and highly improves efficiency.

Therefore, we start publishing the Telegea source code and documentation to the community today under the GNU General Public License version 3. The project is available on the Github collaboration platform. Anyone interested in the project can view the code, comment on it, try it and modify it. We are very curious to receive your feedback. The goal is to develop Telegea into an active, steadily growing community project that helps all of us to learn and improve Telegea.

What we are publishing is not just a specific application but the whole platform which is versatile and highly configurable and enables you to build services mainly (but not only) for thermal energy monitoring and control. Currently Telegea provides the basic platform services for interfacing with a number of peripheral devices like sensors and actuators. It also provides prototypes of the datalogger and thermostat applications.

Initially the complete Smartbox software is released today. For the server part, the HTTP API documentation is provided,  with the remaining Web GUI software following shortly.

Please find the Telegea project on Github (link below) and let us know your comments:

2 comments on “Telegea software available on Github

  • Great news!

    Thank you guys for giving the community such a platform! Thermal energy is a sector where management platforms were missing at all. We did have this kind of platforms for the electrical power management since when photovoltaics came in the houses, but we did not for the thermal one, even if the impacts on economics and environment for what is concerning thermal consumption are bigger.
    Nowadays, improving the energy efficiency in every single house is one of the key aspects as well as the CO2 and cost reduction.
    Moreover the usage of renewables in thermal energy, like high efficiency heat pumps, and the integration of different systems for heating, cooling, heat recovery ventilation, dehumidification and so on, requires platforms able to manage complex system at family house level. That is another reason why such an open platform is necessary to improve our life.

    Thanks a lot for that!



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