The hardware design of the new Telegea Smartbox has been progressing throughout the summer. Quite a lot of details had to be worked out and some unplanned issues to be solved. But eventually we are there. The schematics and layout are now completed and the first batch of prototypes are being produced. We can’t wait to get our hands on them and start playing.

Meanwhile you can have a look at the specs that this board will have.

  • Based on theĀ RaspberryPi Compute Module
  • 3 times credit card size
  • Integrated power supply module
  • On board temperature and humidity sensor
  • 4 on board relays for boiler / heat pump control
  • Real time clock for time keeping during reboot and power off
  • 2 configurable RJ11 sensor connectors for external sensors
  • XRF radio module for connectivity with wireless sensors
  • 8 digital inputs for pulse counting or status signals
  • RS485 interface for communication with Modbus devices
  • Ethernet controller and RJ45 connector
  • Host and device USB connector
  • Pluggable Wifi module (optional)
  • Pluggable 2.8″ Touchscreen (optional)
  • Wall mount or DIN rail enclosure


Here is a view of the 3D model of the board with the RPi Compute module mounted. It gives a rough idea of what the final product will look like.


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