computer-clipart-for-kidsGetting started with Telegea used to be a bit of a challenge. Installing the software and the customised operating system on the Smartbox device is not trivial and probably scared some people away.

Today we are lowering the bar for trying Telegea by providing an SD card image which has everything that’s needed to run your first Telegea application on a RaspberryPi based Smartbox. The image contains a minimalĀ  tailored Operating System with all dependencies installed which are needed by the Telegea modules. It also includes the latest release of the complete Telegea device software ready to use. A default configuration is provided that can easily be modified to your specific needs. Just configure the sensors and actuators connected to the Smartbox and you are ready to go. Trying Telegea has become childs play now (or almost).

The SD card image and installation instructions are available from the release page of the Telegea GitHub repository. For any problem you might encounter, please open a ticket at the issue tracker.

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