Telegea is constantly evolving and developers might be interested to know that two new functionalities have been added recently to the Telegea HTTP API. The new API functions expose functionality which is already available from the Web GUI to external clients, like smartphone apps or other smart devices. The first functionality which was added is… Read More

This is an update from the hardware development of the custom Smartbox. The first PCB prototypes have been manually assembled and were powered up. The boards did not get up in flames and there is no smoke to be seen. 😉 Looks good so far. Basic testing has started and is progressing well. No critical issues… Read More

Telegea has learned to speak MQTT, the open communication protocol widely used in the emerging “Internet of Things”. Simple connected devices communicate via this protocol with each other and exchange data over the Internet. The implementation of the MQTT support is an important addition to the already provided HTTP REST API which the Smartbox uses… Read More