mqttorg Telegea has learned to speak MQTT, the open communication protocol widely used in the emerging “Internet of Things”. Simple connected devices communicate via this protocol with each other and exchange data over the Internet.

The implementation of the MQTT support is an important addition to the already provided HTTP REST API which the Smartbox uses to send sensor data and alarm notifications to the Telegea server. Initially the MQTT protocol is used to send commands from the server to the Smartbox, which is typically installed in a private network and not easily accessible from the outside. It is possible to request immediate sensor data or control the actuators directly from the Telegea server. This feature allows the development of Web or Smartphone applications which perform remote control of a heating/cooling plant managed by the Smartbox.

But also other scenarios have now become possible. Maintenance procedures like restarting the Smartbox or initiating a software update of the device can be controlled remotely, to name just a few.

Furthermore the use of the MQTT standard makes it easy to integrate Telegea products into third party systems, providing a well defined interface. The Smartbox can now easily be turned into an MQTT gateway which provides access to its sensor data and actuators to any external system that supports the MQTT protocol.

The source code and documentation can be found on Github, as usual.

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