http_apiTelegea is constantly evolving and developers might be interested to know that two new functionalities have been added recently to the Telegea HTTP API. The new API functions expose functionality which is already available from the Web GUI to external clients, like smartphone apps or other smart devices.

The first functionality which was added is “Reading users data”. This makes it possible to get a list of all plants managed by a particular user and request the API key used by a plant. The API key is a security token which is a required parameter for all other API functions. This new feature enables external applications to authenticate with the users credentials (user name and password) and then access the needed API functions without the need of entering the cryptic API key manually. On the contrary, the user doesn’t even need to know about it and external applications can become more intuitive and easy to use.

The second functionality which was introduced is “Sending device command”. External clients can now send commands to the Smartbox managing a certain plant. These commands are typically used to get immediate sensor data or control the plants actuators. That means that e.g. a smartphone app can request and display real time data like temperature or humidity from the plant or switch on/off the heating or cooling appliance remotely.

Looking forward to see the first application which makes use of these new possibilities.

The developer documentation is available here:

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