The Telegea Smart Hub has no on board relays mounted to reduce the hardware cost. For simple monitoring and data logging tasks,  relays are not needed and therefore would be wasted on the board. However, relays for controlling tasks can easily be added to the Telegea Smart Hub by connecting external relay cards, via the… Read More

An important European standard for remote facility management is the Meter bus (M-Bus) protocol. This protocol is mainly used for reading of gas or electricity meters. The Telegea developers have recently implemented the new M-Bus master software module which adds support for reading meters with this type of wired interface. It is based on the… Read More

The hardware development of the Telegea device has been continuing throughout the past months. Many tests were performed in the lab and in the field, feedback was collected. This resulted in a new revision of the PCB of which the first small production batch was manufactured. The major changes of the new revision are the… Read More