hardwareThe hardware development of the Telegea device has been continuing throughout the past months. Many tests were performed in the lab and in the field, feedback was collected. This resulted in a new revision of the PCB of which the first small production batch was manufactured.

The major changes of the new revision are the removal of the integrated power supply and the on-board relays. Not having to deal with the mains voltage on the PCB makes the design easier and less costly. It also simplifies safety compliance tests. An external third party 5V power supply is used instead. But also a 12V or 24V power supply option will be offered. The on board relays are replaced by external USB relay cards which adds flexibility to the system. The relay cards are only added if needed and can be easily extended (from 2 to 16 relays).

An on-board serial EEPROM chip was added with the new revision, which will hold device specific data like serial number and configuration data.

Smaller enhancements include clear labeling of screw terminals which makes installation of the device easier.

With the new hardware revision the device was renamed to “Telegea Smart Hub“. This reflects much better the purpose of the device. It’s a hub for sensors and actuators between the real world and the communication network and it has build in intelligence by implementing autonomous control algorithms and other advanced features.

Here is a preview at the complete Telegea Smart Hub in the DIN rail enclosure.



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