What is Telegea ?

Telegea is a modular platform for thermal energy control and monitoring. Thanks to the supervision of only three parameters (temperature, humidity and CO2) it is possible to keep the indoor comfort and air quality under control. Telegea uses sensors and actuators to interact with the environment. It provides a single user interface which is able to handle different types and brands of thermal equipment, optimizes the comfort and increases the efficiency of heating/cooling systems. Telegea is targeted mainly at the growing market of sustainable, energy efficient buildings but can also be used for a wide range of different applications. It creates synergies in the value chain, providing benefits to installers, builders and residential end-users.



The building blocks of Telegea

Telegea is a modular hardware and software platform, based on three main components:

  • Remote device Telegea Smartbox for collecting data, remote control and performing automation tasks
  • Central Telegea server for data storage and processing
  • User interface for easy and intuitive access to the plants data and control

The implementation of all components is strictly based on open source software and open protocols running on Linux OS. All modules are connected to each other via communication channels based on standard Internet protocols.

The people making Telegea

The Telegea platform is developed by a small team of specialised people with strong electronics and IT background. The team initially worked in the telecommunications sector developing communications equipment as hardware and software consultants. Then it started the thermal energy business with its Geotermia Italia brand in 2010, creating the related market in the territory of Central Italy, with great success. Geothermal systems (heating, cooling, hot water) planning, installation and maintenance are the main activities in the scope of energy efficient buildings. Partnerships with a number of installers, builders and product distributors have been established and it’s now expanding even more.

The competencies in both electronics/telecommunications and geothermal systems design gave live to Telegea.

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