This is an update from the hardware development of the custom Smartbox. The first PCB prototypes have been manually assembled and were powered up. The boards did not get up in flames and there is no smoke to be seen.Ā šŸ˜‰ Looks good so far. Basic testing has started and is progressing well. No critical issues… Read More

Telegea has learned to speak MQTT, the open communication protocol widely used in the emerging “Internet of Things”. Simple connected devices communicate via this protocol with each other and exchange data over the Internet. The implementation of the MQTT support is an important addition to the already provided HTTP REST API which the Smartbox uses… Read More

Getting started with Telegea used to be a bit of a challenge. Installing the software and the customised operating system on the Smartbox device is not trivial and probably scared some people away. Today we are lowering the bar for trying Telegea by providing an SD card image which has everything that’s needed to run… Read More

Based on open source technology, the Telegea software was designed from the start to be an open platform. Many open systems have proven to be ahead of their proprietary competitors and we are convinced that the open source development model is a better way of doing things. Most important of all, sharing knowledge is the… Read More

In order to support the ongoing hardware development of the new PCB for theĀ Telegea Smartbox, we started testing the software on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module. The new hardware is based on this module and we have to make sure everything is working the same as on the Raspberry Pi B which is the current… Read More

Although Telegea is primarily being developed for thermal energy control and monitoring, the platform can easily be adapted to other control and monitoring applications. In this case, one of our customers asked for the possibility of long term monitoring of humidity changes inside walls of a building. So we configured the Smartbox for continuous humidity… Read More

After weeks of thorough testing, today the new major version 2.0 of the Smartbox Operating System image has been released. This image contains the basic Operating System tailored for the needs of the Telegea Smartbox. All Smartboxes shipped from today will be provided pre-loaded with this image.   The main feature are: Based on a… Read More

Thanks to its modular design,Ā the Telegea Smartbox can be used to run many different applications. One of the possible applications targeted at energy savings is the SmartĀ  Thermostat. Development is ongoing and a first prototype was implemented. It is currently being tested in a number of pilot projects.   The following features are currently implemented:… Read More