new_release_logo-300x300The new SmartHub OS V3.2 is out and an SD card image is provided for easy installation. This release focuses mainly on usability and the smart thermostat application.

As the Telegea platform is a complex system and highly configurable, it used to be rather time consuming to set it up for specific needs. Now the default configuration of the system has been changed to the most commonly used parameters which makes initial configuration a lot easier.

The smart thermostat application was completely rewritten and it handles now multiple zones, different types of user terminals and a Smartphone app. Also an intuitive web interface is provided for thermostat schedule programming. Both summer and winter operation are supported.

The SD card image runs on the RaspberryPi (all models) and the Telegea SmartHub. The latter can be purchased as a pre-configured system, ready to go.

The release notes as well as the SD card image and the source code are available on GitHub, as usual.

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