openhab-logo.jpgOpenHAB is an excellent open source project for “empowering the smart home”. It enables everyone to build their own individual smart home solution and integrate many devices from different vendors into one system.

A typical OpenHAB installation runs on a Single Board Computer like the Raspberry Pi. While this is very nice for testing and prototyping, it has a number of drawbacks for a semi-professional automation project.

To start with, a possibility to connect the sensor wires to the RPi is needed. The 40pin GPIO header is not exactly a good way of doing this. Proper screw terminals or standard connectors like e.g. RJ14 will make installation much easier. Also an industry standard communication bus like a serial RS485 port is missing from the RPi. A real time clock is important for timekeeping during Internet connection outage, so this needs to be added too. An on board temperature and humidity sensor would be nice to have as well as a programmable push button for user intervention. And adding analog input channels opens up a lot more possibilities for connecting sensors.

Therefore, for a robust and reliable smart home system, easy to install and maintain, it seems like a natural choice to run OpenHAB on the Telegea Smart Hub, which provides all these possibilities and more.

The official Raspbian OS distribution was adapted to the Telegea Smart Hub powered by the latest Compute Module 3. Then the current OpenHAB 2.1 was installed and configured to manage the Smart Hubs integrated hardware interfaces. The following items can currently be managed via the OpenHAB web GUI and Smartphone app:

  • Digital Inputs (contact items)
  • On board push button (contact item)
  • Relay switches via USB relay card (switch items)
  • Temperature sensors connected to the 1-wire bus (number items)

The on-board temperature/humidity sensor and the analog/digital converter need some more work but they will also be integrated into OpenHAB soon. Additionally other compatible devices can be connected to the RS485/Modbus serial bus.

This is an example sitemap which shows most of the available items. It can easily be customized for personal needs:



We aim at providing a pre-configured smart home system based on open source home automation software and the Telegea Smart Hub hardware. It will save the experts time during initial setup and make it easy for beginners to start with this new and exciting technology.

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