maker-faire-rome300x250_EN-300x250The Telegea Team participated in the “Maker Faire Rome” 2017 event with its own booth. We presented a Smart Home system based on the Telegea Smart Hub as controller hardware with an openHAB installation. This demo showed the potential use of the Smart Hub for a reliable and robust home automation project ready for a professional deployment. The controller was mounted on an industry standard DIN rail in an electrical switchboard commonly used in residential buildings.

The following features where presented in this 3-day event:

  • Fridge monitoring: temperature and door check, alarm generation if door is open for too long
  • Fan speed control: switch fan speed (low/medium/high) of a desk fan via wall terminal and web dashboard
  • Motion detection: check motion sensor and switch on light when motion is detected
  • Environment monitoring: read temperature and humidity sensor data via 1-wire bus and Modbus connections, featuring a prototype of our own Modbus T/H sensor
  • Light control: switch desk lamps via web dashboard, switch and dim IKEA Tradfri lamps via web dashboard
  • Flow metering: monitor a pulse generating flow meter to measure the water flow from a tank
  • Outdoor weather conditions: monitor weather data via web service

The openHAB configuration files from the demo can be found in our dedicated GitHub repository.

There was a lot of interest and many visitors stopped by at the booth. “Do It Yourself” home automation is a big thing these days and people are looking for open source solutions which allow to control every aspect of the system and keep the data to yourself. The “Telegea Smart Hub” being compatible with RaspberryPi software ecosystem helps to get a quick start into this activity.

Furthermore we presented a compact demo of the Termogea product, an innovative HVAC system with IoT features. It monitors and controls temperature, humidity, dew point, etc for multiple zones and has an optional cloud connection. This system is also based on the Telegea Smart Hub hardware but runs our own open source Telegea platform software.

Here are some pictures of the event.







It was our first participation in such a big event and a great experience for all of us. We made many contacts with people and companies interested in our work and we will surely work together with some of them in the near future. We’ll come back next year with new projects.



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